Alright everyone, its that time again. And today, im bringing some big changes. I have some new ideas for the Meetings.

1. A timeframe

A timeframe when these meetings will be posted. Probably monthly or bi-monthly

2. A format.

It makes the ideas submitted easier to understand. Heres a basic thing :

User : CyberTheNerd (CHATMOD) (NUA)

Idea : Changes to the meeting blogs!

How would it benifit the wiki? : It makes the meetings to help better ourselves, better itself.

Is there a downside? : No

When would it take effect? : At the next meeting blog. Possibly prior, immediatley, ETC

Alright. Now that the meeting blog stuff is out of the way, time for some suggested ideas and shit!

1st : Historical Archive

ShinyLugia suggested this idea for basically a new category, which the point, from what I understand, is to basically mark good stories for others too look at and to view. Basically like a good format pasta. CPoTM does not fill this role, as it is judged differently among the participants. This category could be different. I will have ShinyLugia post more details.

Wwe Hall of Fame 2013 theme song HD03:23

Wwe Hall of Fame 2013 theme song HD

Wait can I  make that reference yet? I dont give a shit.

Okay, this is to honor ALL SOG USERS that have greatly contributed to the wiki. Perfect example, Incorrect(Hate to put you on the spot) Made the New User Guidlines. He helped the wiki greatly with that one page. If users can do that and more, they can make it here. Now, it doesnt have to be just staff. The format for who is eligible will be decided by select few. Also, YOUR ACTIONS WILL ALSO DETERMINE YOUR ELIGIBILITY. That means some few will not be eligible because of dishonerable actions. I will go more into detail if this gets passed. Also, forgot to say, DO NOT take this as to make someone look better. Take this as to acknowlege fantastic achievements in the bettering of the wiki.

Thats all I have guys. Have a good night. Also, dont use the format YET. I wanna see what you think.

See yall out there.

Welcome to the Cyberness (talk) 02:48, March 31, 2015 (UTC)

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