"Oh you knew we had to do this again baby"   ~ Matthew Santoro

So its time again, for us all to come back as a family for once and be nice to each other to fix and make our house better while Mutahar pays the bills.


New Achievement?


Forum Moderators?


All right now with the past behind us, now for new ideas.

..... I aint got shit. Yall know what to do. If yall have anything new to reccomend or suggest, feel free.

Oh I almost forgot.

Who remembers that old WebTaleVideos thing we were doing months ago? Yeah, im getting that actually started up. Want to contribute? Leave me a message, or contact me through one of the following ;

Skype : adrithknight80

Email :

Well that about settles it. See you guys around!

Pretend there is no Cyber here (talk) 02:55, June 6, 2015 (UTC)

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