Ok, after an incedent yesterday,  Giygas, Aeris and I got together and decided we are going to do weekly meetings between the Admins and Chat Moderators. The reason behind this is because I see lack of communication as an issue. Feel free, Admins and Chat Mods, to suggest new things. If you want to reply to an idea, reply to the comment. Anyway, one of my ideas is to improve communication between Admins and Chat Mods all together, being that an admin can just make a rule out of nowhere with barely any concent. ANd with the rule 11 issue, about no one being on the same page, communication needs to be improved. On a second note, one of our admins, Thebabylonproject, has left. I want to ask what should we do about this? Anyway, that's all I have. 

Leave your ideas in the comments.

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