Okay, I am suggesting a format change to the SOG Wikia Staff meeting.

"User Tier System"

Because I see a lack of staff participation for the most part, I want to allow at this point onward that REGULAR USERS may be able to comment, suggest ideas and vote. However, regular user does not mean anyone. This also suggests a new tier system ;

New User : 0-19 Edits

Returning User : 20-99 Edits

Regular User : 100+ Edits

Chat Moderator : 600 Edits upon appointment

Admin : 1000 Edits upon appointment

Beaurcrat : Appointment by SomeOrdinaryGamers

I came up with all of that on the fly. Its like a rough draft. But the Regular User Idea is so that not just a new guy who doesnt know anything tries to suggest something to fix a situation he knows NOTHING about. However, they may still comment and suggest, but the Regular Users + have the final say. What do you guys think? I think it would help with the community coming together. Also, a new idea which I think we could present to Mutahar ;

"Swap week"

We keep ourselves very seperate from the rest of the community, such as the live stream and some of the YouTube fan base. Swap week is where we communicate with the Stream Moderators and we "swap". With that we could possibly bond with the SOG Twitch community, and hopefully bury any old hatchets we have. It would also teach us in future preparations, if we make our own streams, wikis, and what not. Again, we also can bond more as a community.

Now, more details will come depending on who likes it, and if we can bring it to Mutahar. You can suggest changes and improvments if you have any. If you have any other ideas besides these two, comment them! That's all I have. See you guys later.

Welcome to the Cyberness (talk) 17:21, February 24, 2015 (UTC)

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