Okay Staff. You know the drill. Comment ideas, rules, suggestions, anything you want innovated and changed. PAY ATTENTION! We need to pay attention tio this more than you think. Anyway I have a rule suggestion. Or, more something that should be made concrete.

Do not overuse free speech

This has been an issue with me for a bit now. I understand free speech is a right we have, but that does not mean we can say whatever we want. We need to be conservitive. ESPECIALLY with new users coming in. Now, im not trying to censor every thing, I just want it toned down. Talking about actual anatomy, fine. Talking about sexual subjects in the main chat, I think is not okay. Or about body parts and such of that nature. 

I think that that is quite unnaceptable. I want your guys' opinion on this. Thats all I have for now. Comment ideas. See yall around.

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