As a means of practicing my writing, I decided to try to write at least a short micro pasta each day during october. One thing I am interested in is exploring different styles and genres that I don't normally write in. I was thinking of doing some quick experiments with poke pastas, but before I do I have some questions. 

I was more in the ninja turtle age group, so pokemon were a bit out of my field. I enjoy the games, but don't have the same sense of nostalgia that many people have.  I am far more nostalgic about nes or atari games.I understand how nostalgia enhances a pasta, but I want to make sure I have a better understaning of what pokepasta fans are looking for. 

What is it about pokepastas that you enjoy? 

Is it about the bond between trainer and pokemon (and in a sense player and game)?

Is it the time invested in the game?

Is it the cute and cuddly creatures being contrasted by scenes of horror?

Please speak up and tell me why pokepastas work for you.

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