• Dayfinder

    So, there has been confusion about the specific functions of each rule. I am going to explain them.

    As a mod, this is your bible for explaining each rule when necessary. This is also to protect the general viewership from you missrepresenting them.

    As a viewer, this is to prevent you from incorrectly spreading each rule's meaning.

    Before you read, keep in mind 3 things:

    SOG staffing is not like normal twitch staffing. It was created exclusively to monitor the stream itself's chat, nothing else. If the stream is not on, there are no staff members. Explained in-depth later.

    Not every rule has the same weight.

    I wrote the rules, I know what I'm talking about. These are not up for debate, and to quote 1/2 of tumblr, 'check your privilege'.

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