Aw my head where am I all I remember is driving and seeing a strange like tree man in the road and now where am I in some woods I need to find my way out of here. Wait is that a truck maybe I can find a flashlight. Great now I can see where I am going. Hey what is on that tree him I just take it with me what is that sound maybe it goes away? Why won’t that sound go away oh look a building maybe I can get rid of it in there? Hey look another one of those things. Great the sound got worse hey look propane tanks that’s weird another something’s wrong maybe it will pass wait is that it cant be its the tree like man I have to get more of these things he aging in me there is the damn way out of these woods wait another what doe it say.  Beware of the slender man wait it stop’s yay its over wait what’s that be hind me nooooooo.



No one knows what happened to him police search his house and found his car wrecked in the woods and saw 2 separate pairs of feet to this day no one knows that happened to him.

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