Ok I have to tell every one. It all stared in the fall of last year we when to our px like any body would do. Mom was doing something and my sisters who are older than me went to the makeup I went to the games behind the toy aisle

And I couldn’t believe my eyes I saw an Atari the only one left the case that had it was pretty beat up but the controller was in good conditions. so i asked my mom if I could get it she said yes. When we got home I opened it and I found some batteries and put them in to it and plugged it in. after a bit of playing I went to play adventure the game where your a block and you have to get a cup and take it to your castle when I got it the strangest thing out of no where

A dragon that was like the cup when I left it was gain after me and when it did it ate my guy there was blood and guts going every where I couldn’t handle it so I turned it off and put it away and as been there ever since.

True story

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