aka Zachary

  • I live in a box that went flying out the window and into the street where it was never found again.
  • I was born on January 25
  • My occupation is selling Stroyent and Stroyent accessories, I'll tell you what.
  • I am Male
  • DoomMaster10913

    I've gotten my head out of the clouds and learned the truth, and that is And Hell Will Follow Me is never going to be finished. Even if it was finished, I won't be there to read it as I have given up on the story, now.

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  • DoomMaster10913

    This is meant go with the tune of "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" By Alice In Chains. (Clears throat) Okay, here we go.

    Come to me, I'll end the wait.

    (Why would I be lying?)

    Ending all planned out.

    Offering a wonderful...

    (... ending that's worth waiting.)

    Two more chapters left.

    I am, Bureaucrat, and you are not.

    SOG is my home.

    DoomMaster's now

    Got a 'maginary friend.

    Admin put two stories here.

    Now one's just lying there.

    Admin put two stories here

    No problem with WIP, just unfinished.

    I promised those who've read before.

    (Waitin' on you writing.)

    Reading, delaying us.

    I am as flawed as any user.

    (Look at me, I'm writing!)

    DoomMaster is eating it up!

    I am, Bureaucrat and you are not.

    SOG is my home.

    DoomMaster's now

    Got a 'maginary friend.

    Admin put two stories…

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  • DoomMaster10913

    I suppose I'll take another shot at a story, I think I'll write one on the For The Fans section. Gonna have to check the rules on it first.

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  • DoomMaster10913

    I was bored so I wrote a song about this wiki.

    (Sung to the tune of "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth)

    You take a normal user

    And put him in control

    Watch him become an Admin

    Watch people's eyes a-roll




    Just like the wri- writer

    wrote stories through the site

    we play like Mutahar

    swaying to the Symphony of the SOG Wiki.

    Acting like a Chat Mod

    This story is really awful

    you try to take it off

    before your head explodes




    (Guitar solo)

    The comments start a rumble

    Admin powers fall

    A race for the banhammer

    A peaceful user stands tall

    Up tall

    Up tall.


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  • DoomMaster10913

    I'm still waiting for good ol' Flaky to write the last two chapters of "And Hell Will Follow Me" in fact, I think I'm the last person left who hasn't lost their patience and given up on the story. It will be finished soon... Right?

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