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  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is artist; author; Fantoaster of many subjects
  • I am a toaster from the planet Jupiter
  • Dustyfootwarrior

    Cuz I can't draw and work on here without it...

    I literally came on here just to show you a song that makes me laugh but also feel disgusted listening to it

    I'm disgusted that I paid 10 bucks for this game years ago and it's not even remotely close to its sister game Dogz. I doubt any of you even played these games so

    BIG OL EDIT I've missed so much! I have no clue what is going on anymore... Now I'm actually sad...

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  • Dustyfootwarrior

    I got caught into an infinite lag loop, no matter what it would lag out in five seconds... wtf?

    Seriously this is ridiculous

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  • Dustyfootwarrior

    You have heard of common core, right? 

    They have removed about everything on every president except for George Washingon, who is only mentioned for two sentences. Hitler has been completely removed, but the bombing of Hiroshima is left in in a way to make it seem as if it was unprovoked. There were also many other changes like that. Also teachers can get fired for teaching what was taken out. And this is just the history class.  And the alarming thing is that this is gonna be active in a few years in every state but five.

    Oh one more thing, colleges are gonna have their entrance exams changed to fit common core, so people from other countries like Canada, people from before common core, or those who wanna continue school will be unable to.

    Also …

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  • Dustyfootwarrior

    So it seems that Trichotilliomania has won again. I'm surprised by the love you guys have for it, honestly, but then again you guys are the only reason it's gotten this far. So thank you all. The best to come out of this is more recognition, a recognition that this is a real problem.

    If I had to win with anything I'm glad it was this piece, because now people will have something to look back at. Last I looked at the youtube comments what I saw was people stepping up to say that they had this, people reaching an understanding, people who all could go on with their lives more aware and hopefully more understanding that such things do exist.

    I'm glad my suffering can be used as a tool for people to learn and grow as human beings. I always thoug…

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  • Dustyfootwarrior

    Its been a whole year since I not only joined the SOG wiki, but the entirety of wikia. 

    I remember I was posting the pasta Gryning, my first attempt at this kind of thing, then immediately got a week long ban from Kefke because I didn't add categories.

    Good times, good times.

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