Writing a new pasta.... a very personal one. So far im five pages in, but I'm brain dead right now so I cant continue. Ill post it when I finish it. Could be tomorrow, or next week.... I dont know. 

I'm iching to do something, but I cant think right now, and my computer's charger is dead, so........ Im kinda screwed. Other than that I wanna curl up into a ball and fall asleep. Im not feeling good, my hair is disappearing very quickly right now, and I've ran out of things to really do on this wiki.

I want to be left alone, but I have nothing to think about. I want to listen to music, but its hurts my head more. I want to eat, but threats of getting fat makes me resist it. I want to play pokemon X, but I don't own it. I want to do something, anything really, but I have nothing to do. 

Either way, this blog really doesnt matter. from what I learned from experience, I can say either no one will read this or they'll wait a week or two when the feeling will have already passed. This wiki is somewhat slow paced, which is good, but its not really a steady flow. It ebs at times and dries up at others.Like a faucet or something. I dont know, anologies make me think. I dont want to think right now.


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