Just tell me what you want to be in the comments. fyi all men will be in dresses and females in tuxedos.

Some of you will be added anyways.

User:SomeOrdinaryGamers - preacher Mutahar

User:FlakyPorcupine - eevee "bride"

User:Tyrin7 - Sylveon "bride"

User:The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0 - Ninja

User:NipplesTheEnchilada - Nipples the Enchilada (+ Hedgehog the Sonic)

User:ProfEyeborg - A combat whale cyborg crashing the wedding

User:Col.sexypants - Drunk pair of pants wearing a dress and hats

User:Lindenbree - with a crazy tuxedo

User:Cap.zeus - dragon

User:I love scary stories - a flower girl 

User:IdealisticPrawn -  a gigantic mutant prawn with robotic stripper legs and electric guitar-shaped laser cannons for arms wearing a bowtie and shirt cuffs in the manner of a Chippendale dancer. also handlebar mustache. And add an orange somewhere (ill try)

User:Kefke Wren - Kefke Wren

User:Refreshing Demise - death

User:TheCosmicDestroyer - Giygas

User:Nightsbladeoftruth - Sword

User:Moist Towelette - Moist Towelette

User:Pokemon v Ruby Girl - espeon

User:Sir Areis Lionheart - TGC (rainbows, pokeballs, dolphins, guns, blades)

User:H. Phone - head phones

User:Sshakenbakee - 

User:WildViper009 - SRT Viper (its a car)

User:Kazou Kiriyama - fabulous umbreon

User:Dayfinder - tazor in a dress with a mustache and monocle

User:Fryz - Luigi

User:Bugashi -  a sign on a stand, reading "bugashi was here" with a dropped tea cup on the ground

User:Sater - Anonymous person in a Guy Fawkes dress

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