Let's start off by saying what a cliché is. You see, clichés are things over used to the point that they are repetitive and almost always an utter annoyance. Reading them are not fun and entertaining. They are the culprit to why most pastas are practically the same. Let me run by an example.

Hello, my name is (insert name here), and I love (insert video game here). At least I did, but not anymore. You see, one day I was doing something and I got a copy from ( old man/ eBay / a long time friend) and when I played it, the thing was crazy. Everything was hyper realistic, and everything was drowning in a pool of blood. So spooky. Then the character came out of the game and killed me, and that's why I'm posting this story right now. By the way, I destroyed the game. The end.

Now this is a summary to any regular creepypasta. How many clichés where in it? Well, let's see.

1. My name is such and such

2. I love these video games

3. I don't anymore

4. Old man, eBay, friend, etc

5. It's possessed and/or evil oooooooo

6. Hyper realistic asdfghjkl

7. Blood. Blood everywhere.

8. Killed me, but I'm still posting this

9. You can never play this game ever.

Now this many clichés in a story is bad. Very bad. But even still, they are everywhere. Just about 90% of pastas have all or most of these, as well as many more which I didn't use in my example. If you can't tell, these aren't scary. They are mockable and 2nd grade level.

If you read the rules you were suppose to, you would know that this wiki has quality standards. This many clichés in a story befitting of a second grader is not welcome here.

A few clichés are understandable, but aside from that they are not wanted here. If your pasta is like this, you might want to fix it up and get opinions from common users before posting. We are always welcome to help.

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