So it seems that Trichotilliomania has won again. I'm surprised by the love you guys have for it, honestly, but then again you guys are the only reason it's gotten this far. So thank you all. The best to come out of this is more recognition, a recognition that this is a real problem.

If I had to win with anything I'm glad it was this piece, because now people will have something to look back at. Last I looked at the youtube comments what I saw was people stepping up to say that they had this, people reaching an understanding, people who all could go on with their lives more aware and hopefully more understanding that such things do exist.

I'm glad my suffering can be used as a tool for people to learn and grow as human beings. I always thought one person can't make a difference, but perhaps maybe they can start one.

And as for my writing I feel I should use it to bring more to the world. I see many things people don't seem to understand - most of it I am the same way - and maybe now I can have a medium that I can use to learn and teach with them. ( at this point I feel as if my words are nothing, that you all at this point would consider this to be optimist bull crap, but looking back makes me consider that maybe I am the one seeing that this way. Perhaps I am my worst critic.)

As for my hair... I shaved it bald back in May. But I'm sad to say the conductor is still there. While I avoid pulling my hair from my head, my arm hair is not so lucky, nor is any inconsistent hair my dogs have. I'll live for now, but once my hair is grown back I can not say anything about them.

And as a final note I'd like to say every creepypasta of the month winner that competed along side me is a great writer. They did fantastic as well and all deserve some of the recognition that the many of them don't have. So go read their stuff if you haven't. Go right ahead, I'll wait right here for you.

Also iPad, your spellcheck sucks.

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