I’m posting this on both the wiki and deviantart so that the word gets around.

I’ll be honest here, I have been harassed in the last 24 hours. Twice, both from different people. This is a first for me, so I’m gonna spare you any sob stories and cut right to it. First guy? Kept telling me “fuck you”. Yeah, that’s not nice but it could be worse. 1 day ban. The second one? Ooooh the second one. I refused to draw him a picture. First of all, I had only met the guy last night. Second of all, I had already said the guy who the picture was for was the last one I was doing for free.

The guy responded by calling me a slut. I would of just kicked him for that, but he kept going. He kept saying he’d “pay for the ginger”, that everyone had to tell him everything about me, and that he wanted me to “eat him like those bunnies in the fanfics.” Now this guy was the brother of the guy who’s picture I was drawing, and he made sure to tell us that their parents saw the whole thing and such got in trouble for it as well.

But this doesn’t always happen, and people don’t learn from this. So let me tell you straight.

I will not stand for harassment. Whether its me or someone else, I don’t care. If your gonna be a sexist douche bag, telling people to give them a blowjob and offering to pay for their bodies, I’m gonna ban your ass to kingdom come.

Such actions make you a sick and twisted asshole, and quite frankly, you deserve to have your private parts to be removed in some freak accident. You’re not superior to anyone, regardless of sex or position. You are a person; you have no right to make such demands to anyone. If you can’t figure that out, you need to grow up and learn a thing or two before showing your face around here.

Anyone who fails to follow this will be blocked and/or banned, possibly even reported. Nobody deserves to have to suffer through harassment of any kind, and I’m sure I’m not the only one perfectly willing to kick you square in the face and break your nose just so you can get your head out of that bullshit mindset.

Please spread this with others if you agree; I want this kind of bullshit to stop.

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