We established this in chat, but it seems me, Forza, Marcus, and Flaky seem to be the main guys working around on here.

Where did everyone go? ...

Why doesn't Mutahar get on?

I'm probably just babbling on about something people dont care about, so why even bother?

I'm guessing I'm that one person who you ignore but need around to do all the things you don't want to do. The pack mule of sorts. I'm sure everyone would notice if I dissappeared from chat and the Recent Activity, but aside from that, its an empty existence here. Makes me question who'd wants me around in real life. All my friends ignore me and the one person who won't leave me alone won't stop grabbing my stuff and touching me. My family says they love me, but all they do is yell and control me. If I cant live my own life, whats the point of living? I'm not being suicidal, its just that I feel empty, lonely, and used. Like I can trust nobody, not even myself. 

But hey, I doubt you care. I guess I should just get back to organizing now.... Seems to be what I'm best at.

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