You have heard of common core, right? 

They have removed about everything on every president except for George Washingon, who is only mentioned for two sentences. Hitler has been completely removed, but the bombing of Hiroshima is left in in a way to make it seem as if it was unprovoked. There were also many other changes like that. Also teachers can get fired for teaching what was taken out. And this is just the history class.  And the alarming thing is that this is gonna be active in a few years in every state but five.

Oh one more thing, colleges are gonna have their entrance exams changed to fit common core, so people from other countries like Canada, people from before common core, or those who wanna continue school will be unable to.

Also a quick thing about Obama care: apparently Obama admitted they'd be leaving older people to die Here a video of it.

Obama to Jane Sturm Hey, take a pill01:47

Obama to Jane Sturm Hey, take a pill

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