• FMGaming462

    Hello everyone, MaxCarnage here, and I'm proud to announce...


    Yes, me and my partner TheBladeCurse have come together to create SOGnation Pokemon Battles, an event that will be hosted every Friday night at 8 PM (EST) in a Chatzy room.

    So here's what will happen: there will be RP Pokemon Battling, and for those of you who don't know what RPing is, it's roleplaying, or like, acting out a scenario through being a certain character. 

    ~No more than 6 Pokemon.

    ~One Mega Evolution (the link will explain what Mega Evolution is). ALSO, NO FAKE MEGA EVOLUTIONS. The list of legitimate Mega Evolutions is on the page that has been linked.

    ~One action per turn (example: Sceptile used Leaf Blade, *your name* used a Full Heal on Gar…

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  • FMGaming462

    How's everyone doing today? It's MaxCarnage here, sayin' that SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED FOR ME! :D

    School's out, and the pool's ready for me to jump on in! 'Course, this means more time for me to be on the SOG Wiki and post stories, edit pages, etc. Also, if you follow my Youtube channel, FMGaming462, you may notice a wave of videos incoming from me! Of course, my friend FrankDaTank from the channel might continue the uploading, incase you're interested in his videos as well.

    Some of my plans for this Summer include chattin' with my friends on the Internet (as well as all of y'all on the SOG Wiki), hittin' the pool and having some fun in the sun, and just chillin' at home! 

    How do you guys plan on spending your summer? Tell me in the comm…

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  • FMGaming462

    This is basically just a page asking for suggestions on a new Pasta.

    Maybe I could do a video game Pasta? If so, off what game specifically? Or maybe a cartoon/Lost Episode Pasta? I just have the BIGGEST urge to write a Pasta, but I am having the BIGGEST lack of ideas right if you guys could suggest something, ANYTHING to me, it'd be really nice and very much appreciated. I already have some ideas, so I'm trying to work on them at my home right now. Got an entire WIP Script saved on Microsoft Word on my laptop for a Pokemon pasta, but I lost ideas for it. 

    If you guys had ideas for something that ISN'T Pokemon though, like I said, anything, it would be appreciated. I'd give credit to you after the completion of my Pasta (ex: Thanks …

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