This is basically just a page asking for suggestions on a new Pasta.

Maybe I could do a video game Pasta? If so, off what game specifically? Or maybe a cartoon/Lost Episode Pasta? I just have the BIGGEST urge to write a Pasta, but I am having the BIGGEST lack of ideas right if you guys could suggest something, ANYTHING to me, it'd be really nice and very much appreciated. I already have some ideas, so I'm trying to work on them at my home right now. Got an entire WIP Script saved on Microsoft Word on my laptop for a Pokemon pasta, but I

Remember that Pokemon Pasta I mentioned? Yeah, it'd be based off this cute lil' bugger.

lost ideas for it. 

If you guys had ideas for something that ISN'T Pokemon though, like I said, anything, it would be appreciated. I'd give credit to you after the completion of my Pasta (ex: Thanks to ~Username Here~ for helping me with ideas).

Also, I may or may not eventually start reading Pastas on my Youtube channel, FMGaming462 , so if you have any suggestions for that, list 'em in the comments. I'll add them to a "To Read" list on my laptop if I do decide to start reading Pastas.


~MaxCarnage, co-owner of FMGaming462.

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