How's everyone doing today? It's MaxCarnage here, sayin' that SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED FOR ME! :D

School's out, and the pool's ready for me to jump on in! 'Course, this means more time for me to be on the SOG Wiki and post stories, edit pages, etc. Also, if you follow my Youtube channel, FMGaming462, you may notice a wave of videos incoming from me! Of course, my friend FrankDaTank from the channel might continue the uploading, incase you're interested in his videos as well.

Some of my plans for this Summer include chattin' with my friends on the Internet (as well as all of y'all on the SOG Wiki), hittin' the pool and having some fun in the sun, and just chillin' at home! 

How do you guys plan on spending your summer? Tell me in the comments!

Have a fun-filled summer!

~MaxCarnage, co-founder of FMGaming462.

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