Lately, I've been focusing a lot of ideas on hopelessness - a feeling that I am all too familiar with. Probably unhealthily so. Even now, posting from a tablet and not wanting to make my fingers sore from typing so much I feel hopeless in not being able to write too much without an actual keyboard.

To make up, here's the reveal of the works in progress:

Breathe (video game mindfuck)

You, Murderer (throwback to much earlier creepypasta ideas)

A Whimper (a two year old concept/draft I've never finished around the time of Just a "Nightmare". Until now) The Statue/The Stone Man (unsure which

to go with. Thoughts?)

A Mile and a Half (songpasta)

Despair (experiment)

Tonight's Decision (Unsure how to categorize this really)

Keep in mind that none of these are sadpastas (though most will have characters to sympathise with). One critique I usually see is my pastas generally not being scary enough. You want the horror, I'll provide it and provide it hard. Not that I won't be writing something tear jerking ever again, of course. May come sooner than you think.

With regards, Flaky

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