Well, I think I should head back to what I do best, I suppose. Moping around isn't going to get me anywhere. While it isn't going to get Mutahar to read any of my pastas even though I have won CPotM twice and maybe even a third at the end of this month, I'll just be writing for you guys because I know that is what you all want. Slave drivers.

Here's some pastas expected soon.

  • And Hell Will Follow Me (Sequel to I Won't Leave You, post-poned until Tyrin returns)
  • Chronic Infection (Video game mindfuck)
  • And the Psychic Saw ("Traditional" creepypasta)
  • Spread Your Wings (Sadpasta)
  • Collection Completed (My first "haunted gaming" pasta)
  • World of Chaos (NSFW pasta, so it will be a Creepyasta Wiki/Destruction Wiki exclusive. Sorry guys)

And perhaps even MORE that I am forgetting!

To those who haven't read some of my pastas, here are some links:

I Won't Leave You

Hanging Gardens

Harnessing Ruin

Subjected to a Beating

Just a "Nightmare"

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