About a year or so, aside from stopping in the chat every now and then? Something like that.

Anyways, I'll be here more often. In fact, I'm planning on bringing over new users to the Wiki if given the chance, but we'll see how that goes. But for now, I'm going to let everyone know the going-ons and ins-and-outs of what I have planned for both myself and the wiki:

  • If able to, I'm planning on doing a video with Mutahar advertising our wiki. The SOG channel has amassed a number of new fans with the Deep Web Exploration videos, and I am sure most of which had never heard of the wiki.
  • Finishing And Hell Will Follow Me, the sequel to I Won't Leave You. It's been about two years, with Tyrin leaving the project and with me sinking into sadness over it. All of that on top of losing the progress into the third chapter, I Will Protect You, when my old laptop busted years ago. Rest assured, I will finish the series soon, with or without Tyrin's help. After which, I have no plans on doing anymore with unless he returns. That said, PLEASE DON'T STALK HIS USER PAGE AND TRY TO FORCE HIM INTO IT. If he wants out of the project, I don't want to hold it against him.
  • Reworking many of the site's rules. These haven't been touched on much for about three years or so. A lot of it will remain the same, rest assured, but I've been thinking of new features and whatnot. That said, I won't make any drastic changes without the approval of at least the other admins, if not the entire wiki.
  • Working on the SomeOrdinaryGamers TV Tropes page, which can be seen here. This is more for fun than anything else, and I invite you all to join TV Tropes. One of my favorite websites.
  • And last and not least, I plan on writing more. I may also have something in store for a few of my other creepypastas as well.

Without any further ado, I also would like to ask anyone who's interested to vote between what to call Lonliness and Tyrin's escapades in this Straw Poll. Just wanting opinions in how the series should be named, either after the original title, or the sequel (which is intending to be four times as long).

Thank you all for reading, Flaky~