So I've been discussing making a YouTube channel with a real life best friend of mine, and I figured that I'd let the Wiki be aware of this possibly being a thing in advance. Like SOG, it will be primarily focused on Let's Play videos and creepypasta-storytelling, since we have a collection of old and forgotten video games that slipped public eye and a lot of nostalgia as well as me having an entire Wiki to draw creepypasta stories from. Except it'll be with two people, so think more of SOG crossing with Two Best Friends Play than anything else. While I will definitely include my own (namely, reading the three SOG-Read 'pastas of mine in my own voice) I've been wondering who would be interested in having their creepypasta featured in a video.

On the flip-side, I've been trying to contact a furry artist friend of mine about making a comic of I Won't Leave You, my first creepypasta. About a year ago, she had expressed interest in the idea, and I'm wondering how she feels about it now.

I'll use this blog-post to keep tabs on both of these.

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