Oh hey, I just found out how to make a blog. Anyways, I was going to post this on one of our admin's message walls, but considering that this would be much easier to read and the insanity that is often ensured whenever we post on them, I decided to post these here.

Don't worry, there aren't by any means huge changes, but I thought we could spice them up a bit to make it more easier to follow.

  • There needs to be some form of having a more dedicated discussion towards CPotM voting outside of the comments section, considering those are left for the voting itselves. I don't really know what the best way to implant this would be myself, maybe a page, something along the lines of "Everybody Talks" and "Nightmares and Dreamscapes".
  • Writers next to the pastas. This isn't referring to the voting section, but to the past winners section. It would be very easy to follow and have special recognition towards the rightful winners of the CPotM. For example, it could be formatted as "The Building by Yourmama27" or something similar. Since Funnymouth is a migrated pasta, the names of both its writer and the user who posted it shall be included.
  • March/AnimalinMe incident. Due to the amount of confusion as to why Wii Are Twisted is not filed under the march winner due to Mutahar announced it as being CPotM in his video. For those who are reading this and are unaware, the pasta's writer, AnimalinMe, was hacked by his brother and hacked into the page and messed with the votes and the admins had no choice but to permaban the account. We are all very sensitive to this, as we lost a great user and a friend, which is why I suggest that we post some sort of memorium for him under March and give a bit of a shout-out to the runner-up and perhaps true winner of March The Russian as well.

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