Here's my creepy pasta: I was walking down the street and looked in a trash can.  There was both a game and system in the trash can and they were in perfect working condition.  When i got home, I plugged in the system and put the game in it.  The system wouldn't boot up and it only showed an empty red and black screen.  Then, a severed head appeared on the screen with its eyes missing and HYPER-REALISTIC blood flowing from the eye sockets.  I was disgusted and threw up, but instead of turning off the game and throwing it away, I kept playing.  I rebooted the system and now there were three heads all bleeding HYPER-REALISTIC BLOOD from their eye sockets.  Then, one head turned to me and said to me, "<player>, if you play this game, your whole family shall die and you will be sent to hell!"  I had no idea what this warning could mean, so I decided to play the game.  The main menu finally popped up after restarting the system several more times, where everytime another severed head would appear bleeding HYPER-REALISTIC BLOOD and telling me not to play, and the menu gave me the option to Continue or start a New Game.  Upon selecting Continue, another head would appear and HYPER-REALISTIC BLOOD would cover the whole scren until the head was no longer visible and the game would freeze.  I really wanted to play this game though, so I decided to restart the system and try New Game.  After selecting this option, a head would appear and say, "<player>, you will die tonight at midnight unless you put this system back where you found it!"  Still, I could not understand what the message could mean, so I played through the game until eleven P.M. when I decided to go to bed.  At midnight I was woken by a ghost flying above me with more HYPER-REALISTIC BLOOD flowing from its eyes and through his wrists.  He told me he had died in my house and said he would now kill me so he could return to life himself.  As he attacked me, I fell out of my pet and there was a severed head laying on my floor without eyes, bleeding from his eye sockets.  I survived the whole thing and now instead of telling anyone about this who could maybe do something to help me (put me in an insane asylum perhaps), I'm going to post it online and hope it doesn't happen again! :D

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