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  • Fryz

    The first Creepypasta is something that can be important for any writer, it shows how far you have come from the beginning. Your first Pasta may have bad grammar and/or spelling mistakes, My first pasta was pretty badly designed and I learnt from that Pasta for many months and years to come, it helped me with future pastas I make. But it seems like it was deleted because of... I forgot? Grammar was it? Or maybe how it looked, (Because my first Pasta was written on MS Word unlike what I use today that is Google Drive). I was told to fix the Pasta. So I did, and it was still deleted. My pasta has been threatened to be deleted before, but it wasn't, now it seems like it was the last straw so they deleted it. Honestly I am upset about this. I …

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  • Fryz

    My Future on SOG Wikia

    March 31, 2015 by Fryz

    I have been thinking for over the pass few weeks, thinking of my future on this site. It took me about a year to publish a Creepypasta. During last year I developed Writer's Block, I thought this was something that would be easy to get rid of after I released my last Pasta, turns out I was wrong. Ever since last year I just don't have the will or interest any-more to write CP's, I feel lazy for even thinking of doing one. Before this Block I would always jump onto writing out a pasta that I had in my mind, whatever it was good or not I would still write it because of the thrill, but ever since writing Eric... it's been hard on me.

    I feel like I am fighting an inner demon or some stupid shit like that, and I seem like I cannot win over it. I…

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  • Fryz

    Heh... Yeah...

    January 19, 2015 by Fryz

    I maybe gone away from the wiki for a little bit longer it seems. Games like this tend to keep me busy and distracted from anything like the wikia and even the internet itself. So yep! Miss me?


    How am I still chat mod?

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  • Fryz

    *A Message From Fryz*

    January 1, 2015 by Fryz

    Hello everyone it's me Fryz... you know the guy who used to come to this wiki almost if not everyday, yup. So yeah I haven't been here mostly as I use to, reason for that is well... I've been busy doing other things on the internet, like watching streams, videos on YouTube and as well as playing Smash on my Wii U.

    I checked my account and saw that I am STILL a chat mod... I am barely in chat lately, so that is a surprise. Also if any admins out there used to have thoughts of removing my Chat Mod title, well you can really. Honestly I never wanted to be chat mod in the first place, I became a chat mod because there was pretty much none at the time and they needed one, so I took the job. Since I've became a chat mod I haven't done ANYTHING a c…

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  • Fryz

    Over the pass few weeks I've been having a nasty Writers Block, as by the title says; I've never had this feeling before in my life. I have never been one who would be into writing stories or anything, I used to months ago put out CreeyPastas almost every week. If I had ideas pop in my head and headed straight to the writing paper and to work on my new ideas into a story. It's been even harder since Eric won CreepyPasta of The Month in March. My mind keeps saying the same thing every time I think of making a new Pasta, "Will it be just as good as Eric, or will it be not as good?" For the past few weeks I also had an idea that was just as original like Eric, but I can't write it down. I feel like I am struggling with this feeling and I can'…

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