I've been in and out of this wiki recently and have been not doing much in it. I am not thinking about making pastas nowadays than i used to back when I first joined. Mostly I just sit in front of my computer and just sit there. Thinking. Thinking of when and what my next pasta would be about. Everyone I know on here seems to be posting pasta from left to right and then they make another one days after their last one was posted. I just sit and think. I do not know what to write about these days. I think about doing a video game pasta. That goes nowhere. I think about doing just a normal pasta. That to goes nowhere. I don't know if I just losing my touch or I just don't feel like doing anything on this wiki as of late.  Does that mean I am leaving this site? 


No, I don't ever think that.

I still follow the same dream that almost half of everyone on this site is wish: to win Pasta of The Month. Its kind of a silly dream in my opinion but I just think of winning big thats all. I guess I gotta get in line like some many others.

Anyway's on the original topic.

I really do not know what to write about I just don't. I'm not going to ask other for suggestions on my next pasta or anything like that. I guess I can just wait until a story pops in my head or play a old video game and just come up with random shit like blood and a doll or something I don't really know. Maybe my next pasta would be better then my Days of My Life pasta. Or worse.

I been having less and less ideas for my pasta each days.

And I hate it.

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