I have been thinking for over the pass few weeks, thinking of my future on this site. It took me about a year to publish a Creepypasta. During last year I developed Writer's Block, I thought this was something that would be easy to get rid of after I released my last Pasta, turns out I was wrong. Ever since last year I just don't have the will or interest any-more to write CP's, I feel lazy for even thinking of doing one. Before this Block I would always jump onto writing out a pasta that I had in my mind, whatever it was good or not I would still write it because of the thrill, but ever since writing Eric... it's been hard on me.

I feel like I am fighting an inner demon or some stupid shit like that, and I seem like I cannot win over it. I've been questioning my future on this site in terms of writing, there was some points that I was going to hang the coat up and just walk towards the sunset (or some dumb shit). I've been on this Wikia for two years now, something I didn't expect to happen. I was going to jump ship out of this site around 2013, so I was so surprised to relies that I am still here for two whole fucking years, amazing. I have met just awesome people, people who I didn't expect to come to like, people who shared same interest as I do and I am really thankful for that.

Is this a goodbye? I don't know.

Will I make CreepyPastas again? I don't know.

Will I forget the times I had on here? Never.

I just hope you lot can understand how I feel about this, and something I can try to fight off.

Will I be able to fight this Block? I don't know.

~With all my Heh's~

-Travis (Fryz)

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