H. Phone

aka Alexander

  • I live in Belgium (you won't get more details than that)
  • I was born on September 19
  • My occupation is Reading creepypastas and gaming
  • I am male
  • H. Phone

    Travel Journal (part 1)

    December 27, 2013 by H. Phone

    I though to myself yesterday, maybe I should write a travel journal. And here I am. This is part 1 of my travel journal of my trip to New York. I will make a new part every morning to remain in touch with you guys until I come back.

    Yesterday I arrived at the JFK airport, New York. When me and my family were waiting to validize our passports though, I nearly fainted because of heat and exhaustion. Welcome New York, I guess XD

    A man that knew my dad brought us to our hotel where we unpacked and watched a program about mermaids on the Discovery Channel. We went to eat something in a restaurant my mom remembered from her other trips, but we didn't find it. We decided to eat somewhere else and it was really good. I was tired though, so didn't ea…

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  • H. Phone

    A Funny Story

    December 22, 2013 by H. Phone

    “Want to hear a funny story? Well… Let me tell you one…”

    One day a man was pulling a cart through the forest, but along the way his cart broke. A hunter and his dog soon appeared in the forest, the rich man asking him if he would watch over his cart so he could go into town to get another. The hunter agreed.

    Night soon came and the rich man had not yet returned. The hunter soon grew worried about his elderly mother who was alone at home. He told the dog to guard the cart then left to tend his mother.

    The rich man returned with a new cart and ,seeing the dog, he gave it a reward to take back to its master, a silver coin, to carry in its mouth. The dog went straight home, giving the coin to its master.

    Upon seeing the dog, the hunter flew into r…

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  • H. Phone

    One thing that has always bothered me, was the fact that for some reason I chose the username H. Phone, so I decided to make a list of 10 reasons (true or made-up) that would explain this matter.

    1. I happen to like the letters H, P, O, N and E for no apparent reason.

    2. I wanted to name myself Phione (the Pokémon) , but then accidentally pressed the H and "." and competely forgot about the "I" in the middle.

    3. I happen to know a person, with the name Hector Phone.

    4. Hold the PHONE.

    5. I was actually Holding a PHONE.

    6. I secretly love headphones and married one, but when we got divorced I couldn't stop thinking about her and came up with a username so that I would never forget her.

    7. My head is shaped like a phone.

    8. My phone is shaped like a hea…

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  • H. Phone

    i hav a theori dat khdogbutscretlyakatannoowaumbroen is now EV1111111111111LLLL!!! becuz hes relly mean and stuf an he stoll me popcorn and didnt give my confetiiiiisss and its al becuz of dat umbreon profil pik and stuf an now im scuuuuurerereredd

    dta was my theorieeeeeeeeeeeee

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