One thing that has always bothered me, was the fact that for some reason I chose the username H. Phone, so I decided to make a list of 10 reasons (true or made-up) that would explain this matter.

1. I happen to like the letters H, P, O, N and E for no apparent reason.

2. I wanted to name myself Phione (the Pokémon) , but then accidentally pressed the H and "." and competely forgot about the "I" in the middle.

3. I happen to know a person, with the name Hector Phone.

4. Hold the PHONE.

5. I was actually Holding a PHONE.

6. I secretly love headphones and married one, but when we got divorced I couldn't stop thinking about her and came up with a username so that I would never forget her.

7. My head is shaped like a phone.

8. My phone is shaped like a head.

9. I am a pair of headphones myself irl.

10. I was just wearing headphones in the process of coming up with this nickname. (Seems like the most unlikely option to me)

Hope this blog post will enlighten the people who were wondering why I have such a weird username. And it probably doesn't explain anything except for the fact that I really have no life because I took time out of my life to make this blog post in the first place. Time that I'll never get back.

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