“Want to hear a funny story? Well… Let me tell you one…”

One day a man was pulling a cart through the forest, but along the way his cart broke. A hunter and his dog soon appeared in the forest, the rich man asking him if he would watch over his cart so he could go into town to get another. The hunter agreed.

Night soon came and the rich man had not yet returned. The hunter soon grew worried about his elderly mother who was alone at home. He told the dog to guard the cart then left to tend his mother.

The rich man returned with a new cart and ,seeing the dog, he gave it a reward to take back to its master, a silver coin, to carry in its mouth. The dog went straight home, giving the coin to its master.

Upon seeing the dog, the hunter flew into rage.

“I told you to guard the cart and what do you do? You steal from it!” The hunter killed the dog.

The end.

This was a "funny story" taken straight out of the game "The Witch's House". It's more like a morbid joke as you can see, so I didn't feel like making an actual CP page for it. Hope you guys enjoyed though.

All credit goes to the creators of "The Witch's House", ya sick geniuses XD.

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