I though to myself yesterday, maybe I should write a travel journal. And here I am. This is part 1 of my travel journal of my trip to New York. I will make a new part every morning to remain in touch with you guys until I come back.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Yesterday I arrived at the JFK airport, New York. When me and my family were waiting to validize our passports though, I nearly fainted because of heat and exhaustion. Welcome New York, I guess XD

A man that knew my dad brought us to our hotel where we unpacked and watched a program about mermaids on the Discovery Channel. We went to eat something in a restaurant my mom remembered from her other trips, but we didn't find it. We decided to eat somewhere else and it was really good. I was tired though, so didn't eat a whole lot.

We finally reached the hotel again and went to sleep, because all of us were tired.

We didn't do a whole lot, I know, but I think that today will be different. Do you guys want me to do these travel journals daily or rather one big one after I returned? I will see you all guys later!

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