pokopokopikotan was the one of the most fucked up shit i ever saw when i was little. it was created by the guy that made the username666 video and another youtube. but what about this video?... (sigh) Let get this over with... 

Pokopokopikotan is supposed to be simular to happy tree friends. but horror style. it's take place to be in some sort of set... the atmosphere is cute, but around the 0:56 Seconds mark. the astmosphere changed to a evil tone. and switch backed to cute. and the hand is trying to sneak in and take out everything (including the set and the 2 girls)  and in 2:53, It turned into a massacre. and the whole set is destroyed and the girls were dead 

I coudn't explain much of the detail due to how terrible it is. if you want to check it out yourself, look it up on youtube. but be warned. it not recommended for the faint of heart. 

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