Hey, it's Prawn. I feel the need to publish an update on my activities because my visits to the wiki have become more and more infrequent.

1) I am trying to finish Multiple Sightings, but as of late my mind's been going blank. I really want to finish it as soon as possible.

2) I'm going to be working on the collab with me, Dublin, Venom and Sater.

3) I'm cooking up some new ideas for pastas to write once I'm free from what I'm currently working on.

  • 'Imaginary Friend': A boy growing up in a broken home seeks solace in a figment of his imagination. It'll be a sadpasta, a little deviation from my regular horror bullshit.
  • 'Dear Mom': A reflection on the unspeakable horrors of war in the form of a letter home.
  • 'An Old House': After a devastating nuclear exchange between America and Soviet Russia occurs on one day in 1963, the survivors repopulate and, over 100 years later, divide the Earth in two sides: the luxurious, high-class technologically-advanced utopia sprawling above the clouds and the primitive, resource-limited, makeshift society built upon the ruins of the ravaged wasteland below. The story follows two men; one on the ground, the other above.

Well, that's it.

Now, go play.

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