Remember that Goldeneye pasta I was in the middle of making, the one that would be my return from a writer's block? Well... of course, mid way through development, all of my work was deleted by one of my siblings. This was no big deal though, I was smart enough to copy it into a word document. I went over to check on my writing.. and guess what was deleted... yep, my pasta. So, this is about the third time that something like this has happened, and this has seriously made me lose a lot of energy to start up another piece of writing. I could continue a few of my older ones, but let me tell you, that Goldeneye one I was writing was probably going to be great. It had pictures, videos, and a decently written story to boot. Sorry if I am sounding conceded of like I think too much of my work, but I'm just saying, that pasta was in the makings of being something special. 

So I pretty much posted this to tell you guys what had happened, and also so that you guys know my reasoning if I don't post another pasta in a while. I've dealt with this crap before, but never has something like this happened to a story that I had put so much effort into, and that was so far into development. I know the majority of you guys don't care, but I just decided to post this for the very few people that may have been looking forward to the Goldeneye pasta, or another pasta of mine. Well, thanks for reading this anyways, and hopefully I'll write something else soon, but this was genuinely a big hit to me, especially since that pasta was my first one after coming out of a writer's block. 

Thanks once again for reading- Incorrect3

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