I think that we should make some changes with the Needs Work category. For a while, the category has just been added to any non-trollpasta shittypasta, but I don't think that should be how the category should work. The way that I see it is that a shittypasta should be marked with 48 Hours to Deletion, and a pasta that has potential but just doesn't exactly meet up with the quality standards should be marked with Needs Work. About 95% of the time, a shittypasta author does not edit their works within the week that is given, and also, I believe that an author should proofread and actually do their own edits to their works BEFORE posting. Of course there will be mistakes, that's always true, and sometimes the pastas have good ideas but just need a lot of editing/cleaing up/refining, and those pastas should be the ones marked with Needs Work. That's how I see it at least, because I've been seeing a shit ton of unredeemable pastas having a prolonged lifespan on the wiki even though it's common knowledge that no substantial edits will be made to improve it. What do you guys think? 


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