New users are the thing that keeps this wiki thriving, but there have been an abundance of new users as of late that have been posting lackluster pastas. You see, this wouldn't be so bad, had it not been for how a majority of these new users act. 

One thing that a lot of them will do is post a really bad pasta and hope to be excused because it was their, "first pasta." This gets me a bit mad because a lot of the pastas that they are posting would barely even be considered as a good trollpasta. They need to be able to compare their stories with other ones so that they can tell that their story is horrible. 

The next thing that a lot of the new users will do is ask for critiques and then flip out when they get them. If someone says that their pasta is trash and doesn't sugarcoat it with the hopes of being nice, than the new user will flip out and insult them, followed by saying, "Don't be a hater, this is my first pasta!". 

Another thing I'll notice many of them will do is not even bother to create spaces between sentences or even capitalize words, prooving they didn't even bother to look it over. It really pisses me off the lack of effort a lot of the new users are putting into their works. I know plenty of users (including myself) who had fairly decent first pastas that weren't anything special, but were at least readable. Also judging by the writing of these new users it is very evident that most of them are under the age of 13, which is against the rules of the wiki. 

Now I know that this doesn't include every new user, as there are many that show promise and put a lot of effort into their work, but a majority of the new users on this site show none at all. I know there is nothing anybody can do about this, but I just wanted to rant for a bit and hear what you guys think about this situation. 



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