Hey guys and gals, Incorrect here! For the last few months I haven't been able to write anything fully, with me scrapping most of my ideas half way through writing. I've attempted to make a few pastas, but normally I deleted them, as I am definitely in the midst of a writer's block. A few of the pastas I've attempted to write are...

Old WWF Tapes- The one I went through with the longest, this one was about a young boy who decides to watch his father's old WWF tapes only to find out a hidden conspiracy behind Vince McMahon, the wrestlers, and specifically Owen Hart's infamous death. 

Last Man Standing- This pasta was the quickest one to be stopped in development. This pasta was about a man waking up inside of a room with many other strangers around him.  He would be put through a series of trials in an attempt to be the Last Man Standing. 

The Ultimate Gamer- This was my most recent attempt. This pasta revolved around an intense gamer who is considered one of the top gamers and is drafted to a gaming reality TV show along with many other gamers. The games he plays all make him more and more competitive and deranged until in the end he murders all of his competitors on live TV in an effort for him to be considered the Ultimate Gamer. 

The Unwanted: Collectors- This is the one I will most likely continue. This pasta is a sequel to my pasta The Unwanted, and it revolved around the collectors of the strange games and how they classified them. It would pretty much delve into the lore of the games and would talk about the more harmful things people were doing to get their hands on the games. 

Pokemon Bronze- A remake of the first pasta I ever wrote (yes, even before Dreamer N64) that led to me writing pastas in the first place. I wrote it about five years ago and I was encouraged to keep on writing by the kind reviewers down in the comments. I was going to make it revolve around a new Pokemon game and a disease that ravaged the towns in the game. I stopped this project because of how long the pasta would have to be and because of how I just truly wasn't feeling it. 

Those are a few of the pastas I attempted to work on during my writing hiatus, but I never finished. Are there any up there that you guys think I should pull through with? I'd love to hear your input. Thanks for reading this, and I'm out!


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