• JamesWalske

    Creepypasta TF2: Medic

    September 20, 2015 by JamesWalske

    It was Saturday, I finished my homework, and so I decided to pull up Team Fortress 2 on my PC. I went onto a Valve server playing on the map cp_gravelpit, one of my favorite maps in the game. About an hour later, I got a message from a friend saying: “Hey, have you been having any problems with your TF2 lately?” and I said “No, why?” my friend responded by saying “Dude, my TF2 has gotten freaky, the Medic is just so... creepy.” I chuckled thinking he went onto a server with a mod that changes the Medic. I asked “Were you on a community server with custom mods?” my friend said, “That’s weird thing, I WAS ON A VALVE SERVER!” (Yes in all caps), I was genuinely surprised about this, “What was wrong with Medic?” “He was covered in some kind of …

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