Warning: The Creepypasta you are about to see is extremely Cliché don't say anything about this cliché, thanks Kane09walker diary Post # 1 this is my first time using this app but anyway hi my name is Ladonna and I am a tomboy the girls made fun of me but I really don't care but one time a girl angered me so much that I broke her leg by kicking it not really but she did get hurt anyway enough of that crap today was weird, I went to get some groceries for my mom then I came across a store called cliché "what did that mean?" I said to myself. I decided to go in due to nostalgia and it was a video game store I had a quick glance before the manager came and said "hi welcome to cliché do you want a job here?" I really wanted a job to get to collage so I had to accept "sure" I said in confidence "great now I just need you to answer a question, do you like video games?" "yes of course I do" "great than you are hired" I was already hired? I don't know but he was weird already because his suit was purple and his hair was green come to think of It he almost look like the Joker but his face was normal but that is the weird think everything was normal but that was it.

diary post # 23 holy crap holy crap holy crap I just found out he made bootlegs of games but not just any boot legs but aslfdjasljfl sorry I was playing one of those bootleg they are scary and very cliché yes I know what the word means now and all the things he made me do like act like someone else and send them a note and a cd called sonic and also he made these fake eBay accounts and told me to sell the items once I did he deleted those account I don't know why but maybe he a anti video game hater yeah he might be he maybe a sklafhda...

Ladonna was found dead on the floor with a knife in her neck with her phone in her hand and a controller in her other. the game she was playing is a bootleg of super Mario 64. the game is subjected as evidence we will have more later.

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