there was nothing, nothing in my new home except for darkness and a broken heart. my mind is racing and saying Questions I already know why "Why did she nearly killed me?!" that was the last question I thought of before it hit me, a bullet straight into my heart making it hurt even more. I passed out before even seeing the man's face. time went by until tomorrow and I woke up only to see televisions right in front of my face showing horrific thinks that aired on TV I look around he room but only the front in me since I am strap in a chair then the man who shot me appeared but his face is covered by his mask "pu***" I said under my breath so he couldn't hear it. the "man" was still holding the gun which he tried to kill me with. this time he did with it, he pointed it in my forehead I felt the cold metal touching my head ready to pull the trigger "good night" he said his voice was a deep white voice then "BANG!"

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