My name is Kristan, I am still alive, but not for long. I am a senior high school student. my friend try to kill mw over one comment.Stupied huh? Yeah thats what I thought too until my "friend" told me her Life. I know it sounds very stupied, and made up, but just listen to me.

My friend, was a anime fan. she'd always watch Naruto, One piece, Soul eater, and all that other crap. we weren't in a relationship or anything, But sometimes I'd think about her. Anyway, she was always talking about anime, even when she talks to the teachers. she is what you call a weeaboo. I think for halloween she was a singer with blue, long, hair. I should stop talking about her, anyway, the day.I just got out of my house and there she was. "Konnichiwa Kristan-chan!" she said saying it at the wrong time, I responded with a hi. we'd talk about homework, classes, and the other stuff at school.She usually as me a question about anime, and  I thought she wasn't going to hit me with her questions of the fandom. But it was diffrent, "You should watch some stuff with me, at my house!" she said, "why" i responded "oh since you have never been at my great house before!" She said fiercly "...well okay I gu-" I was interupted by her excitement "GREAT! I'll get the snacks" now before you think that this was going to turn out romanticly or horribly wrong by just trying to murder me. I am not faking! Anyway, afterschool we went to her house and my gosh she had the room of a regular otaku. it was the begining of the weekend so i had to stay in the pevered trash she called home."well welcome to my heaven" It was hard to swallow "its great" I said sarcasticly."Great, Now Kristan-chan, I got all the snacks and all the anime to watch!" I really didn't want to watch that crap, but I had to, we watch some weird stuff, first it was just the usual she talk about until we got to a very gory anime, she skipped forward to a part that made me want to throw up on the screen "this is my favorite part" it was a teacher with a knife with the students watching i hoped to god this wasn't what I thought it would but it did. she smiled when he slowly stab the knife in his throat. I just look at her and thought "what the hell is wrong with her?!" she just continued just looking at the screen, smiling as the blood splashing on his students. After that hell fest we watch something called kissxsis and holy sh*t it was a incest. while they were "tasting chocolate" she look at me, I saw on the corner with my eye, espessally at my lips. I think she loved me at that time. anyway after a few gorefests and softcore porn. I used her computer(Not asking) and saw her facebook still login. she had a picture of a animated women with blue hair and a new post, a picture of me and her with the caption "me and my senpai" it was akward knowing that she took a picture without my permisson and called me her "senpai", but this didn't matter and I just wanted to make a prank because of the photo. I went to one of her Fandom groups and type in "anime sucks" and that was it. I look around just to see what enviroment I am in and it was hostile. pictures of manga photos of girls and boys, a collection of mangas, and plushes. anyway I made a escape to go home. It wasn't long before I was caught by...her."Where are you going Kristian-chan?" "n-nothing I just forgot to do my chores" "oh, well okay, but just come back okay?!" Of course I'd responded with a okay I went home, running and laughing, I'd went to my computer to check my messages. no response. after about two hours I finally got a response from you know who. "..." I was confused, I thought she was going to say something witty like "I'm going to fight you with my pokemon!" but no it was just "..." I just look at my screen with a blank expression thinking, hard.

after a couple of minutes of just staring at my screen I heard a knock on my front door. My mother was asleep so I awnsered the door and it was my "friend" I was going to explain her the prank I did but instead she had a blank expression, white skin, she wasn't the person I knew."You BASTARD" she yelled as she pushed me on my couch and continue to hit me. I felt the pain on my arms as she cuss and shouted with emotional pain.I thought my mom would awake due to the hits and the profanities she yelled at me. she finally stop, I had tears in my eyes she told me not to tell. I was going to run for it and sure enough she grab my arms and to shut me up, she did the impossible. she kissed my mouth just to keep me be. I tried to yell but she put her tounge down my throat.It was a kiss I'd wouldn't like even if I had a fettish for it.I'd try yelling again but she logde her tounge down my throat and kept it there, I was suffocating and then past out.

Later, I woke up at a place with many pictures, books, and plushes while my hands and legs were tied down to a chair. she was standing there not facing me."Why?" she told me, "why did you do that?" Of course I told her the truth, Prank for Pic, " That was my life!". Confused, I told her that she had a life, "No my mother ignores me, and my dad doesn't love me, my brother hits me, and my sister always F*CKING GOSSIPING ABOUT ME!" she yell, and as she said no one answered to the yell. I was scared nearly to death when she yelled. she went to her desk and pick at her drawer pulling out tools and something else, A hammer, A Knife, and something else. My eyes widend and look around for an exit, only a window was my closest way, Still dark. I scooted as silently I could. She was sharpening her knife, I then proceed to jump out the window. *crash. "wha-"  I heard her say but that was it, luckly a man was driving by to see me jump out the window he jump out of his car to go check on me, my head was cracked, my leg was sprained and my left hand had a hole. he proceeded to call the ambelence, I knew she couldn't get me because of that man, and to this day I thank him for saving me.

finally the ambelence came and helped me. but unfortunaly they said that I was Insane because of Her being a good liar and me jumping out the window. so this is why I'm talking with you in this freakshow. hey I'd just got an crazy idea, we escape, and will get the revenge that we need. You here me?

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