• Kaptain DTSW

    Demon Porn

    August 16, 2016 by Kaptain DTSW

    Demon Porn is your average campfire internet source for horror stories (Basically it's your average SCP or Exit Mundi articles). Originating in the SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki Live Chat, Demon Porn started out as a simple inside joke between two members, but turned into a storm of hype when eight people were in on the joke. These are the stories of the horrid nightmares they recited.

    Anyone is free to edit this page and upload their own Demon Porn, as long as you stay true to the lore. That means if Demon Porn Part 4 is lost in the space and time of the Hilbert Dimension, that means you can NOT write a story for Demon Porn Part 4. You can edit any unused demon porn part, or create your own entirely.

    I wanted to create something that the entire c…

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