Well, after spending some time here, im really getting the impression, that Mutahar is either dellusional or lying. He is telling us on his channel, that he really cares for his community, reads all the comments with great pleasure and enjoys every kind of input. Then he goes on to straight out ignore everything going on on this wiki.

Personally i want a statement. Any statement. He should step up and say whether he gives a fuck about this wiki anymore or not, because atm im pretty much sure he doesnt.

By now he has more let's plays of some bullshit like LSD-Simulator, rants, blogging and whatever not than actuall readings.

Yeah, i know, some are going to say now, that its his channel and he can do whatever the fuck he wants, but he also has the responsibility to keep his promises. Instead he plain out ignores everything thats going on here.

If any of the wiki staff has contact to him, would you kindly ask him to get a pair of balls and actually talk to his community? Because i kind of dont see anyone here being happy with the current situation. Mods are resigning, people getting inactive. And its not like we wouldnt have enough new people arriving - there are plenty every day. Problem is that the guy they came here for, who advertised this wiki is almost never present or active in any way visible. Admins tell from time to time what he said, but he has 10 fingers, hasnt he? They are able to type words, right?...

Dont know what im actually expecting from this myself. He obviously gave this little boy-fantasy of his up as he got tired of it and now just playing games and chilling out.

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