• Kazou Kiriyama


    July 10, 2016 by Kazou Kiriyama

    1. I never found out Kefke's gender (if Kefke still around?)

    2. I never finished a lot of things.

    3. Leaving this community almost two years ago

    4. Never wrote a collab

    5. Promise not to publish/post any of my new works since being publisbed.

    6. Smoking (don't do it, kids).

    7. Never finishing Flaky's series (is Flaky even still around? Did Tyrin come back from the dead to help?)

    8. Withdrawling from the community (again).

    9. Not talking to the Moist Towellette since I went MIA (has he even appeared since then?)

    10. Not being aroumd when Urkle because a mod (I missed everything)

    tl:dr basically everything.

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  • Kazou Kiriyama

    New Solo Story!

    April 9, 2015 by Kazou Kiriyama

    It's based off a poem I read, can't remember the name for the likes of me. 

    It'll be out either tonight or tomorrow.

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  • Kazou Kiriyama

    I, as many of you guys know, love Nintendo with every bit of my soul. There's a reason: I have never played a bad first-party Nintendo game, especially in modern day. I have played mediocre Nintendo games, but never a bad one. Think first party for this. From Nintendo and studios Nintendo uses directly, such as Game Freak. 

    In my lifetime, I have preordered numerous games, the most recent of which was Majora's Mask for 3DS (normal edition, not the limited one that sold out). Of all the games I've preordered, the only ones that weren't glitchy messes or broken upon release were Nintendo games. I preordered both versions of Smash Bros., both of which were amazing upon release, only needing a first time update for online play.

    Any other company…

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  • Kazou Kiriyama

    Hey, Kiyoshi here. Sorry I've been here then gone, then here for like, two days, then gone again, I'll try to explain.

    All right, so I'm just going through all the reasons I'm too busy to pop in and write another part to The Fall (series).

    Alright, first, I'm going to start with the usual stuff: Work, Facebook page admining, school, watching Breaking Bad, and video games. Breaking Bad and video games are always important.

    Next, we got the stuff that I gotta do, such as ACT, still trying to help my friend who almost died in a car crash, and crap like that.

    And finally, we the two major reasons.

    1. My grandmother is in the hospital with at least 4 major blood clots, two of which are in her lungs

    2. Some shit involving my younger brother.


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  • Kazou Kiriyama

    I'm alive, I swear.

    December 7, 2014 by Kazou Kiriyama

    Hey there. I'm alive. I think.

    For those of you who didn't know, I recently have had major surgery. Removal of a tumor.

    And it was successful. I've been taking the past like, month or so for recovery. I'll be back in action before the end of the year. I promise.

    Anyway, this post was to let you know I'm still alive, despite going AWOL... again. See you guys in a couple weeks!

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