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  • I live in the hearts and minds of all who hear my legend.
  • I was born on April 19
  • My occupation is up in the air, though frequently involving literature, and the writing thereof.
  • I am almost certainly not an AI capable of passing the Turning Test.
  • Kefke Wren

    Where's Kefke Now?

    March 25, 2016 by Kefke Wren

    It's true, I've been gone a lot. I still pop on now and again, and Wikia does email me about things I've been monitoring. Sorry that I've not been around. There's a lot of stress in my life, and things I need to work through. Looking to start working from home, so that I can have a more comfortable environment, but it hasn't happened quite yet. In the mean time, still expect my presence here to be sporradic, and I probably won't be writing any new pasta for the nonce. I just don't have the focus.

    For those that are interested, I maintain a blog with slightly more fidelity than I manage here. You can check it out at if you really want to. Mostly just me geeking out, and occasionally making the mistake of gettin…

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  • Kefke Wren


    January 1, 2016 by Kefke Wren

    I don't think I can bring myself to writing out another one of these in detail, so forgive me copy/pasting from my Facebook page...

    It's been one hell of a ride. Honestly, I didn't always know if I'd be around to see the end of it. So here's to friends old and new. To loved ones I've not seen in far to long. To new beginnings, and endings that came too soon. Here's to bumpy starts, and things that turned out better than expected. To everything that's changed, and all the things that have stayed the same.

    So long, 2015. It's been fun, it's been hell, but never once has it been something that I regret. Here's hoping for an amazing 2016.

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  • Kefke Wren

    Rather Unusual News

    December 21, 2015 by Kefke Wren

    Recently the government of the United States signed into effect a new budget measure. Even though it's primarily meant to direct government spending, it contained an unusual provision. View any place where current U.S. events are being discussed, and you probably know what I'm talking about. Of course, if you didn't then I could simply tell you. Likely, though, you have already heard. Under the assumption you have not, however, I'm talking about CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. This means that law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the U.S. now have unprecidented access to data on internet usage. It goes without saying that this will make tracking down software pirates and other cyber-criminals easier. Obvious…

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  • Kefke Wren

    Slender Musings

    August 10, 2015 by Kefke Wren

    So, I stayed up late to do some early shopping this morning.

    As I was walking home with my groceries I noticed something a little strange. The light hitting one of the houses made a shape. It looked just like the Operator's symbol. You know...that one.

    It was a little weird, but I figured, "Eh...strange coincidence." and left it at that. Out of curiosity, though, I looked to see what had made the light hit like that as I passed. There was nothing that the light could have shone through that would make it look like that. So I started walking a little faster. Just as I was starting to plan on recording my every move, though, I realized something.

    The sun had been shining from behind the house with the symbol when I was looking at it...

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  • Kefke Wren

    Shoutout to 4-1

    August 9, 2015 by Kefke Wren

    Thought I was kidding?

    Oh no, the legends are true. I'm the real deal. Yes indeed, quite real, in fact. Of course, seeing is believing, as the saying goes. So here's your proof. This is my little message to all my pals from work who thought I was just BS-ing at lunch today. It may not pay the bills, but, yes, this really is me. Those stories truly are the product of my twisted mind, one and all. No need to worry, though. It's not like any of them is it?

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