Been doing things here and there, lately, but not as active here as I should be.

So, here's what's up - I can fairly well say by now that I'm not losing my apartment. However, they never gave us any official word. Still, my ex came into town with a credit card and helped us get everything clean. They bought a lot of supplies, cleaning and just generally household. We hung out and had a great time. Also, we now have a maid that comes in sometimes.

Coming this January, I'm actually invited to my ex's wedding, so I'll be going to that. I'll be gone from the seventh until about the twelfth. My ex is paying travel expenses, and said I'd be getting a Christmas present, so that's pretty cool. Somehow my disaster of a relationship turned into having the best BFF ever.

Other than that, I've actually just been trying to figure out what the hell my schedule is. I'm a member on a Minecraft server that sometimes does Youtube stuff, and trying to make time for that, had some real-life commitments besides, and I'm trying to make time to do more housework...though the cold weather seriously impacts my motivation and I'm the sole cook for all major holiday meals.

Oh! Also I've been beta testing for Starbound. Or, I was beta testing. Now I'm just freeloading the game and refusing to provide feedback. There's a story behind that. The story is of my topics on the Starbound forums got moved to modding discussion, despite the fact that I wasn't making a mod for it. I argued with the moderator about it, and they called me I complained to the Community Manager about it. She ignored their insulting me, and just said that they were right to move it. At which point I complained that the way she was acting made me want to have no further dealings with the company. Her response? "Be my guest." Well...if you're the person in charge of P.R. for your company, that is not how you should deal with customers, so I sent in a letter about it. See how that went below.


So yeah, pretty pissed about that...

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