This is the kind of message I really hate to leave.

As you may or may not know, ever since my ex and I broke up, I've lived with my disabled mother in law. I try to do what I can to take care of her. She has a pretty childish mentality, and she's kind of a slob. We did not look good for the last appartment inspection.

However, as the days ticked by, I allowed myself a semblence of hope. I thought we had somehow dodged the bullet. Little did I know that, in addition to a slum lord, the landlord is a very cruel, vindictive man. He waited until today to post a notice. Now we have ten days to get the appartment up to their unspecified standards, or "vacate the premises". Our mop broke, we're using a borrowed vaccuum, and there are virually no proper cleaning supplies. "Mom" is busily blaming everyone but herself for everything, including the state of the house. Not me, just people who couldn't possibly have anything to do with it. We have no money for supplies, as she spends most of what she gets on shoes (to the point it's a struggle to keep her fed) and I don't have a job, so that I can be here if she needs me 24/7. Since it's the weekend, her payee won't be in until that's two of the ten days wasted before we can even do anything about this.

I'm seriously freaking out, over here.

This may be the last time you hear from me for a while.

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